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What is WiredScore Certification: Do You Really Need It?

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In a world where digital connectivity is an integral part of our daily lives, the quality of a building's tech infrastructure can make or break tenant experiences. That’s why WiredScore has emerged as a pivotal player in the real estate landscape.

In this article, we delve into what WiredScore is, how to get a WiredScore certification, and why it's becoming increasingly vital for property owners, developers, and tenants. Whether you're a seasoned real estate professional or simply curious about the future of smart buildings, read on to discover its value to the real estate landscape.

What is WiredScore?

WiredScore, an initiative inspired by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2013, is dedicated to assessing and certifying buildings globally for digital connectivity and smart technology, ensuring compliance with WiredScore standards. Similar to LEED for green buildings, it provides a standardised framework. This certification assists landlords and developers in assessing and enhancing their property's digital infrastructure, aiding tenants in understanding tech capabilities. With over 1,000 global partners, WiredScore has assessed and certified 300 million sq. metres in 40+ countries. Their certifications, WiredScore and SmartScore, evaluate digital connectivity and user experiences in smart buildings, respectively.

Who Needs WiredScore Certification?

The meaning of a WiredScore certification suggests its relevance to various stakeholders in the real estate industry. Here's a concise breakdown of who benefits from it:

Commercial and Residential Property Owners

WiredScore certification helps property owners modernise their premises. As a result, their buildings will appeal to high-quality tenants and investors who want seamless digital experiences.

Property Developers

WiredScore helps developers build tech-forward buildings that meet the growing demand for digital connectivity, enhancing marketability and attracting tenants who prioritise technology.


WiredScore certification guarantees a reliable tech infrastructure, reduces vacancies, and attracts tenants who want seamless digital experiences, increasing the property's value.

5 Reasons to Get a WiredScore Certification

As you already must've guessed, WiredScore-certified property owners and developers get a bunch of benefits. Let’s discover the most prominent ones.

Portfolio Benchmarking

WiredScore certification helps you compare how digitally savvy your properties are. This data-driven insight lets you see which ones might need a tech upgrade and helps you decide where to invest your resources.

Investor Reporting

With WiredScore certification, you can clearly show investors that your properties are ahead of the curve. It's like putting your tech prowess front and centre in your investor reports.

Smart Investment Strategy

WiredScore is all about making smart moves. Certified properties are magnets for tenants who appreciate reliable digital connectivity. This means less empty space and potentially higher rent income. You can consider it a tech-savvy investment strategy that keeps on giving.


Tech changes fast, and you don't want your properties left in the digital dust. WiredScore certification means you're future-proofed and ready for whatever tech trends come next, which is reassuring for tenants and investors alike.

Branding Advantage

WiredScore certification shows everyone that your properties are digitally advanced. Tenants looking for reliable connectivity will flock to you, and investors will see you as a data-smart property player. It's a subtle yet powerful branding advantage in the competitive real estate market.

Requirements for Getting a WiredScore Certificate

WiredScore evaluates various aspects of your building's digital infrastructure to ensure a seamless and reliable experience. From fast internet and reliability to staying ahead of technology trends, it’s time to discuss the main requirements for a WiredScore certification:

Tenant Experience

Imagine living in your own building. You want to binge-watch your favourite shows without buffering, join a video conference without hiccups, or scroll through social media seamlessly. That's what WiredScore means by "seamless digital connectivity experience." Your building should provide householders with speedy internet and reliable Wi-Fi everywhere. Nobody wants dead zones.


Tech hiccups are the worst. WiredScore wants to make sure your building can handle them like a pro. You need to have a solid plan to deal with outages. That might mean having backup power systems and backup data connections. The idea is to keep everything running smoothly even when things go haywire.

Power of Choice

Variety is the spice of life, and it's no different when it comes to internet providers. Your building should offer tenants a choice of high-speed fibre providers. Plus, these providers should offer competitive prices. Let your renters pick the one that suits them best. It's all about giving them options.


Think of all the important tech gear in your building, like data centres and networking stuff. They need protection from accidents and disasters. WiredScore wants to see that your critical equipment is safe and sound. Also, make sure you've got cybersecurity measures in place. You don't want sensitive data getting into the wrong hands.

Mobile Signal Quality Doesn’t Satisfy the Requirements for WiredScore — Contact Us!

At UCtel, we're experts at improving indoor mobile signal quality to meet WiredScore standards. The first step is assessing your current signal coverage and identifying areas of concern. Through advanced technologies, we make sure your building's mobile connectivity is consistent and reliable. We also work with mobile carriers to optimise network compatibility. But, our commitment doesn't end there. We keep your signal running smoothly with ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Here are some of our projects that speak volumes about our expertise in the field:

  • We fixed a critical problem at two NHS hospitals in the UK with CEL-FI QUATRA signal boosters. It solved previous network coverage problems, ensuring reliable connectivity for healthcare professionals, administrators, and patients. As a result, healthcare operations are supported by seamless access to digital services.
  • Another example is improving mobile signal coverage on Vodafone and EE in the new office of the financial company. We swiftly implemented mobile signal repeaters with efficient, structured cabling, taking just two days to install. The result was a substantial signal improvement, measuring between -60dBm and -75dBm, ensuring excellent 3G, 4G, and 5G coverage throughout the offices.

UCtel has reliable, efficient, and tailored mobile connectivity solutions for buildings of all types. Be it an office, shopping mall, or underground parking, we can find the solutions that will fit you to a tee. Let us help you get a WiredScore certification for your property and elevate your connectivity experience.

Final Thoughts

WiredScore has become a must-have in the real estate industry, providing digital connectivity and smart technology certifications. This is why it is so critical to understand what a WiredScore certification is and how to pass it. To successfully finish the WiredScore certification procedure, buildings need reliable tech, internet options, future readiness, and good security. In turn, the property owners or developers get various benefits like portfolio benchmarking, enhanced investor appeal, and competitiveness in the real estate market.

Intrigued by the possibilities of WiredScore certification? Take the next step in elevating your property's tech infrastructure and marketability and apply for it today. 


Find answer below or contact us to ask more about UCtel

What does WiredScore do?

WiredScore certifies digital connectivity and smart technologies in buildings worldwide. Similarly to LEED for green buildings, WiredScore assesses a building's ability to support technology and enhance user experience.

Why get a WiredScore certification?

The WiredScore certification shows you care about digital connectivity and technology. This can help you attract tech-savvy tenants, fill your properties, and even charge higher rents. Additionally, it makes your building stand out in the real estate market.

Is WiredScore worth it?

WiredScore is definitely worth it. It enhances property value, attracts quality householders, and keeps you competitive in the digital age. The benefits far outweigh the investment.

How much does WiredScore cost?

As of 2019, the standard WiredScore certification contract was priced between £12,000 and £15,000. This package encompassed a digital assessment, improvement plan, and post-certification marketing support for the property for two years.

What are the benefits of WiredScore?

WiredScore offers several benefits, like increased property value, greater tenant demand, enhanced investor appeal, and a competitive edge in the real estate market. It also ensures that your properties are equipped for the digital age.

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